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What to do when you have too many ideas and you're stuck because you don’t know which one to choose?

You don’t have the problem that you have no clue WHAT you want to create and offer next or for the first time, the problem is that you have too many ideas and choices and now you're stuck in


and therefore you

  • DON’T do any of them or you
  • started with a couple of your ideas but you never finished them.

There is nothing more frustrating then knowing that you could give so much value to others if you could only get out of this:



You feel like you're running in circles, losing your mind and the clock is ticking louder and faster every day, the time is running away but you’re still indecisive?

I totally get it because I spent a lot of time in this state, myself. This nagging feeling of knowing how much good you could do in the world and serve other people and you have no idea why YOU JUST. CAN’T. GET. IT. DONE.


But there is help, in the form of some simple questions and exercises you can take, to get yourself finally into CREATION MODE.

To keep you starting and moving in the right direction I have this one exercise for you you can do right away. Download it, print it out, fill it out and you're a step closer to fulfilling your dreams.

The only thing I’m asking you for is to look out for a couple of emails I’m sending you along with the free download, simply because I want you to KEEP GOING and to succeed.


Enter your name and email address...

We value your privacy and would never spam you

If you really want to make a commitment and save yourself time (you've already lost too much of it) you can get a complete workbook with 5 exercises to help you choose one goal and developing a structure and plan so that you can finally move towards success.

It contains the 5 best exercises that helped me get from: I can’t see the wood for the trees because I have so many ideas that I don’t know where to start - so I don’t do anything - into focused action and creation mode.

You can get it now for $25.

I'm Christina and I help entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, bloggers,... who have too many ideas or are not sure where to start by providing help on how to get things done, getting clarity and ultra focus, so that they are not feeling like they are running in circles and loosing their minds.

Christina Leutner Christina Leutner