Motivate Yourself For Success By Knowing Your Motivation Trigger

…those days when you wake up and you know you should be writing that blog post or creating the course you always wanted to launch.
But you have no motivation.

You feel miserable. You’d like to pull your hair out.
You just don’t know why you just CAN’T. GET. IT. DONE.

You’d rather clean your closet.
(The one you avoided opening so long because of the mess inside.)

There’s a reason why you aren’t motivated enough.

Because the chances are high that you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing and you don’t know your motivation trigger and therefore can’t get things done.

If you know what your motivation trigger is, then it’s a lot easier to motivate yourself.

(And if procrastination still kicks in you might wanna read about the 7 tips on How To Stop Procrastination.)

The 6 Motivation Triggers

  • Power
  • Achievement
  • Incentive
  • Growth
  • Fear
  • Connection

You are motivated by one or more of those 6 motivation triggers and if you know which one(s) you respond to, it will become easier for you to be more motivated to complete the tasks, to create the course you dreamed about and to finally write that blog post.

So which motivation trigger is yours?

Read the list below and see which one is familiar for you:

Power: Motivated by a desire for controlling others or by autonomy

Achievement: Driven by competence. Your desire is to improve your skills and you need positive feedback from peers or mentors/coaches/…

Incentive: You need rewards both monetary and non monetary.

Growth: You have a yearning for change and stagnation is negative and undesirable for you.

Fear: You are motivated when you’re confronted with consequence or when you have a fear of missing out.

Connection: Your desire is to belong to or be accepted by a specific group. You need social connection (networks).

Now that you know what motivation trigger is yours, use it whenever you have to do something and you feel like you aren’t motivated enough.

You need to finish this particular project until next week. Now that you know your motivation trigger is incentive you can reward yourself when you finished your project with a nice dinner, with those shiny shoes you want or a night out in this fancy hotel.
When the reward is big enough you’ll have the drive and the motivation to finally finish the project.

Or if your main motivator is connection: You can join a FB group (like our free FB group). You can let us know what you want to achieve or ask for guidance. This way you hold yourself accountable and by having a network you feel safe and more motivated.
P.S.: Set goals that are out of your comfort zone but that are achievable.

Just try it out and see if your motivation to finish your tasks is ignited more.

Let me know: Which one is your motivation trigger? Do you have tricks to motivate yourself?

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