How to Create A Goal Box

What is a goal box?

A goal box is simply a fancy box where you store your goals or dreams.


Creating your personal goal box

What you´ll need:

a box, paper and pen and some time


Take white paper sheets and a blue pen. Use blue and white for it (it has to do with energy and the power of colors).

Write every goal and dream you have on the paper and put it into the box. Write different goals on different sheets. If you use a small box cut them so they fit into your goal box.

You can add pictures you found in magazines or the internet you like. Be creative.


Write like you already have it in your life. If you write: “I will…” you can´t reach your goals because you write them for the future and they will stay in the future. Write: I have/am/…


Close your box and leave it closed at a place you can see it. You can add more goals whenever you want.

What I like to do:

Open your goal box after some time. I do it twice a year. In July and at the end of the year. But that´s totally up to you.

I read my goals and be grateful for all of them no matter if I already reached them or not.

You can take the goals you already achieved into another fancy box. If you want to lift your mood just open the box with the goals you already achieved and celebrate it. It´s an instant mood lifter and helps you being more grateful.

I found out about this awesome idea on Youtube by watching the lovely Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association. You can watch a part of her video here. Carrie talks about creating a vision board, a goal journal and the goal box:



Have fun and let us know in the comment section what you think about this idea?

P.S.: This is my cat Bär wanting to be a part of the goal box picture ;). Isn´t he cute?

bär goal box

You can download more fun and easy ways here for free:
3 Easy And Fun Ways On How To Create More Abundance In Your Life

Because life should be easy and fun. Right?

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