And it all starts with GRATITUDE

Whether you want more abundance in your life by using the Law of Attraction, by manifestation, setting intentions… It all comes back to being grateful.

Gratitude is the key when it comes to creating more abundance in your life.


By being grateful you send out a positive vibe. Your mind starts focusing on the positive instead of negative thoughts and feelings.


You want a healthy relationship, more money, a better job. You name it. I totally get it. But it won´t happen if you constantly think about your perfect future. Don´t get me wrong. Creating your perfect future is vital if you want more abundance in your life. Don´t limit yourself and your imagination because: The sky is the limit. But your perfect future will always stay in the future unless you are present and grateful for what you have right NOW.

Even if you think you don´t have anything for being grateful now. You don´t know how to pay your bills, how to fix your relationship or even have a relationship or how to survive the next day at work? You are not alone.

But staying in this miserable state of mind creates more miserable feelings and thoughts which lead to more negative feelings and thoughts. A spiralcase downwards. Not exactly what you want.

This is why it´s so important to be in the present focusing on gratitude.


Focusing on gratitude once will not change a lot. Try to think about one to three things you are grateful for right now. Write them down. It takes some time until your mind makes a shift and starts focusing in seeing the good things in life.


I focus on the good things in my life. I am grateful.

Start now. If you need support go to our friendly and supportive Facebook page and leave a comment on what you are grateful for today. Get inspiration by other like-minded if you have no idea on what to be grateful for.

4. 30 DAYS

Find at least one to three things you are grateful for and do it for 30 days in a row. It takes some time for your mind to shift thinking.

Now I want you to write down in the comment section below what you are grateful for or simply write: I commit!

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