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Mindset is key when you want to create more abundance in your life and in your business.

Without having the right mindset, manifesting and being successful is a LOT harder, that’s why I share tips and posts plus some awesome Freebies about mindset and motivation on this page.


I bet you do. Whether you’re in debt, struggling to make it, are stuck with a certain amount of money you earn (although you want more), and even if you’re doing financially well: WE ALL HAVE MONEY BLOCKS.   Are you constantly thinking that you’re:   Having not enough money. There’s too much month at the…

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8 Secrets to Living a Meaningful Life

All the hustle and bustle of our daily life can sweep us away from what really means the most to us. It’s up to us to figure out how to live a fulfilling life. Although much of our life is shared with others, we can still carve out our own space for a rich and…

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How to Create A Goal Box

What is a goal box? A goal box is simply a fancy box where you store your goals or dreams.   Creating your personal goal box What you´ll need: a box, paper and pen and some time   Take white paper sheets and a blue pen. Use blue and white for it (it has to…

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4 Simple Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

You don´t need to know HOW you´re going to reach your dreams or goals. Leave it to the universe, to god, however you want to call it.   You only have to know WHAT you want.   Take these 4 Simple Steps:

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Inspiration Message – Jim Carrey´s Secret of Life

Jim Carrey´s short speech at the 2014 MUM Graduation gave me goosebumps. His powerful words combined with beautiful landscape pictures and quotes from famous thought leaders is empowering and inspiring. But watch it yourself:

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And it all starts with GRATITUDE

Whether you want more abundance in your life by using the Law of Attraction, by manifestation, setting intentions… It all comes back to being grateful. Gratitude is the key when it comes to creating more abundance in your life.  

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