How To Motivate Your Clients To Finish Your Program, Course or Package


by Christina Leutner

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Do you have a certain amount of people in your course, program or package who are engaged in the beginning but don't finish it?

Are you frustrated because you put so much effort in creating your product but even tough you know that your clients would get awesome results, they just don't finish your program or course?

Do you think about launching a new program, course or package and you want your clients to be motivated and engaged from the beginning on?

Do you want to relaunch your program, course or package and want to make it more engaging and motivating?

Unless You Don't Know About The Little Secrets To Motivate Your Clients You Will Leave A Lot Of Money On The Table

The online learning space is a billion dollar industry and grows every year, BUT

  1. without knowing about the triggers that motivate your clients you will have a hard time reaching them.
  2. by not knowing how your clients are motivated you will loose money because your potential clients are not motivated to buy from you in the first place.
  3. and you will get fewer great testimonials and might loose a chunk of potential buyers to your competitors.

Imagine having 20 six year olds sitting in front of you that are interested in anything, except learning and listening to the teacher in front of them. Who can blame them?

Motivating them and engaging them hour after hour, day after day is a hard task.

TEACHING AND MOTIVATING ADULTS/YOUR CLIENTS, especially when they are interested in your topic is a LOT EASIER. BELIEVE ME! You just need to know about the secrets about motivation and how to implement them.

I taught 6 to 10 year old kids for a decade and I had to be very CREATIVE, come up with A LOT OF IDEAS and studied COUNTLESS BOOKS about HOW TO MOTIVATE OTHERS.

Christina Leutner worked a decade as teacher and principal in Austria and one year as a private teacher for US students.
She knows how to motivate others and now teaches entrepreneurs and coaches on how to motivate and engage their clients.


This Time Sensitive Offer Is For You If

  • you want more of your clients being motivated to finish your program, course or package
  • you have a program, course or you offer packages but a good percentage of your clients never finish it
  • you want more happy clients who are great testimonials because they finish and follow through, and get a lot out of your content


The training includes:

  • 5 lessons with short and comprehensive training about motivation and mindset 
  • How to implement everything you learn into your existing program, course or package
  • Lot's of practical advice and tips on what to include into your copy, program, course or package right away
  • a private FB group with tips, examples you can implement right away and 2 Q&A sessions with me

Join the Beta Program with a selected number of other entrepreneurs. The price for the beta version is $297 and will be likely around $500 when it's launched. I'm looking for entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers already having a current course, program, package or membership site. I'm offering this beta program because I want you to have more happy, motivated clients and because I want testimonials for the upcoming launch.

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