7 Tips on How to Stop Procrastination

Do you feel like the queen / king of procrastination? If so, then this is for you.

I procrastinate too. Sometimes. (Okay. You got me.) Often.

But it´s time to put the procrastination crown down.


If you are waiting for the perfect moment to start…perhaps it will never come.

 After reading lots of articles and reports about procrastination I found these seven tips most helpful.

I started using these 7 tips helping me stop procrastinating and getting things done to reach my goals and be successful.


If others can do it I can do it too

This statement helps me a lot if fear is holding me back. But I am realistic. I am a passionate skier but that doesn´t mean I am capable of starting a career as a world class skiing athlete.

But if an average person is able to do what I want to achieve I and YOU can do it too.


Make a smart To-Do List

What do I mean with a smart To-Do List? If you list all the things you should do you will be overwhelmed and you won´t do anything at all. That´s why I use a smart To-Do List. I write down everything coming to my mind that I should do.

In a second step I categorize all of it. For example: work, household, hobby, family

The long list now became shorter. Then I rewrite the different categories. Urgent things on top, less important things below.

I sometimes even cross things out which I thought might be important but are not.

In a last step I take three subjects, only three, because our mind can only deal with a certain amount of tasks. And I work on these three things until they are done. Sometimes I am even faster than I thought I would be.

The next day I pick another three things that I need to do.

Mini steps lead to big achievements in the long run.


Start with the end

Starting with the end result in mind slash what do you want to accomplish can help you a lot. If I know what I want to achieve I can work backwards and break it down into smaller steps.

If I think it might take me 3 months to achieve it or I want it done in three months I break it down and think about what is the last step to get it done. What do I have to do before. Think back until you are where you are right now. Take the list of things that need to be done and break them into portions like you do with the smart To-Do List. List it down until you have three things to do every week and break those down into daily tasks.

This helps me a lot to be focused and stop procrastination.


Create a deadline

Create yourself a deadline. When do you want your goal to be reached? If you don´t have a deadline

NOW leads to LATER and probably to NEVER.


Make it official

Sometimes it is helpful making it official (if you have supportive people around you). Tell them about your plans. If I tell someone about my plans I am commited a lot more to the plan because I don´t want to embarrass myself in front of them.


Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you completed parts of your To-Do List. It gives you a good feeling and helps you move on to get your next reward. 😉


Surround yourself with successful people

 If you lie down with dogs, you´ll wake up with fleas.

Talk and surround yourself with positive minded and supportive people. If you don´t have them around you watch inspiring stories of others who were able to do what you want. That´s what I regularly do. I hop over to Youtube or I read inspiring articles when the procrastination crown wants to get back on my head.

Hope one or some of those tips can help you stop procrastinating right now.

Here´s a little “cheat sheet” for you:

Stop Procrastination - 7 tips

Do you have other tips? Please share them in the comments below.

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