4 Simple Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

You don´t need to know HOW you´re going to reach your dreams or goals.

Leave it to the universe, to god, however you want to call it.


You only have to know WHAT you want.


Take these 4 Simple Steps:



Be crystal clear what your dream or goal is.


Fill your dreams or goals with positive feelings you connect with your dream.


Act as if you already reached your goals.


Tip: When releasing your dream you don´t want to limit yourself, so I say:

This or something better.

Number 4 is especially important to me and I´m sure it will help you too. When I start manifesting I often think about if I included everything I wanted for this special dream or goal. By saying: “This or something better” I release my fear of having forgotten something important.

Need help or more tips? You´ll love this:


4 Simple Steps for Manifesting dreams


Did you try one of those tips or do you have more simple tips on manifesting your dreams?

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