Feng Shui itself doesn’t bring you prosperity and more wealth but it can support you a lot on your way to more abundance.

And who doesn’t want support and more abundance?

The following tips are simple and easy to implement. 

They don’t cost anything. (Forget about all the Feng Shui gadgets you can buy online.)

They don’t take up time (except for tip nr. 3 😉 which is very effective yet most of us want to skip it).

All you have to invest is a little bit of consciousness and getting into the habit.

3 Simple Feng Shui Money and Wealth Tips to Attract More Abundance

Tip #1: Close your bathroom door and your toilet lid

The bathroom is influenced by the element water (= soy). Soy is also a synonym for money.

Whenever you see water flowing away it also means you’re watching your money flow away.

You can simply prevent it by closing the toilet lid and keeping the bathroom door closed.

Tip #2: Fresh air

A lot of newly built houses, apartments and stores are isolated in a way so that you don’t have to heat the rooms as much as in the past.

But it means there’s not enough fresh air circulating through our homes.

Having fresh air helps energy to flow.

As money is energy, provide fresh air and fresh energy.

Tip #3: Declutter, declutter

The best Feng Shui tips won’t help, if you’re home is cluttered.

I left this tip last because:

Normally we don’t want to hear that we need to declutter our home because it feels


we think we don’t have time and

we don’t want to handle all the stuff that is hidden in cupboards or lying around.


I. So. Get. It.

But whenever you have stuff lying around, especially stuff you don’t use, you don’t like or which are broken it has an effect on your body and energy.


Your home reflects your inner being.

Unfinished projects, unread books, broken things, messy areas, presents you don’t like; they all take away your energy.


No wonder you can’t focus, concentrate and get stuff done.


If you wanna have more energy (not only in money terms but in your whole life), you need to get rid of things that are stealing your energy.

What I don’t suggest:

Buying Feng Shui declared stuff online or in stores.


Every home, apartment, store and business is unique.
As unique as you are.
The landscape where your house is,
the location,
the neighborhood,
the orientation of your front door,
your rooms.

You might have read that some people suggest using mirrors or things like money trees and even wind chimes for a „better Feng Shui in your home“.

It all makes a huge difference and placing mirrors all over the place without the right intention to attract more abundance can ruin more than help.

(I don’t talk here about your bathroom mirror, or mirrors you need in your daily life, I talk about mirrors placed all over the home because you think they help attracting more money).

Placing mirrors in certain areas or wind chimes can help but not without having a personal Feng Shui reading of your home or business place.


As we all have busy lives and forget what we read and heard, I wrote a checklist with the best Feng Shui tips you can implement easily. Go through checklist and place it somewhere you can see it daily.


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